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Lantern Land 2017





On Friday 10 March, we went to Hightown School to make a giant community lantern with other trust parliament pupils from different schools. It was based on objects and patterns from around the world. Our trust parliament pupils chose to do the ‘angel of the north’ and an ‘African elephant’. We designed these objects on a large frame made of bamboo sticks. After a long morning of hard work we had a chance of finding new friends from the school at play time. We added our finishing touches to the model and we also made the frame stronger by adding thicker sticks and securing it with masking tape. Soon lunchtime came and we had our lunch, which they had provided. It was delicious! After lunch was over, we coated a special kind of paper in super, sticky glue. Then placed the paper and glue onto the frame which made all of the sticks stand out. Then a candle was placed inside and it looked amazing!

By James and Flora 






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