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Sport in School


West Yorkshire Games Cross Country Finals

On Saturday 12th March four pupils took part in the West Yorkshire School Games Cross Country Final. They competed against 1200 other athletes from Kirklees, Calderdale, Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. We are extremely proud of their commitment, effort on the day and their achievement in the sport. A fantastic accomplishment, well done!



Spen Valley Schools Swimming Gala


Year 3 and 4 Tennis Festival


Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Team

Tag rugby report

On Wednesday 18th May our Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Team took part in a tournament at Leeds Road playing fields.

Tag rugby is a sport that is played using a rugby ball and tags. The aim of the game is to get tries without getting tagged. If you tag someone you have to put their tag in the air and shout ‘TAG’. Then you place their tag on the ground. Next, the defending team moves back to the defensive line. Finally, the person that got tagged throws the ball to one of the players behind them and the game just carries on.

There are lots of rules in tag rugby such as: it’s a non-contact sport, there can’t be more than 2 girls on the pitch at a time, and many more.

We played lots of different school from the Kirklees area such as: St Patricks, Norristhorpe, Headlands, Battyeford, Hopton and other schools too.

We came first in the lower league which we were really pleased about. It was an excellent experience for the whole team and was really enjoyable. We had lots of fun and we would love to do it again next year.

By Izzy and Mia


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