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School Council Fair and Funky Conference – Account

On Friday 3rd March 2017 all the Key Stage 2 School Councillors went to a Fair and Funky Conference at Netherhall Learning Campus. There were four workshops where we could find out interesting things about Fairtrade. The workshops were a drama story called “The Trip of Fairtrade,” a Chocolatier called David who told us about the “Evolution of Chocolate” and a man called Angus who told us how to make Tanzanian footballs which are made by many poor people who can’t afford real footballs. The very last workshop was about what the Fairtrade sign really represented. It also told us about who Fairtrade has teamed up with, such as a company called Suma Foods which produces wholesale foods. This was very interesting and we all had an enjoyable day.

By Poppy Sidebottom and Archie Barker-Hill, Y6

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