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Befriender Team 2016/2017(Our Befriender logo designed by Adam Suckling)Befriender Team 2017/2018

Befrienders is a peer support network which provides a service for any child who feels they need someone to talk to .

The service is closely monitored and supported by adult Befrienders, Mrs Mott (HLTA), Mrs Thomas (Cover Supervisor) and Mrs Smith (Headteacher).

The Befrienders are volunteers from Years 5 and 6 and are well trained to deal with any problem which may be presented to them. This training includes guidance on when to maintain confidentiality and when a problem is serious enough to be passed over to an adult.

The Befrienders not only provide terrific support to other children in school, but also benefit enormously themselves. Being a Befriender is a great responsibility which the children handle with maturity and respect.

Befriender Code

As Befrienders we will:

  • Listen carefully to each person who comes to us with a problem

  • Treat everyone fairly and as we would wish to be treated

  • We will be sensible and mature when dealing with problems and in meetings

  • Remember confidentiality unless we feel that an adult Befriender should be told 

  • We will work as a team and support each other 

  • We will be committed to our role as Befrienders

  • We will respect everyone's views, opinions and feelings

  • Try to suggest solutions to the problems

  • We accept sanctions if we make mistakes as agreed by the Befriender Team  

Befrienders helping at the Christmas Fair.






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