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Art News

‘What’s in Your Wallet’ Workshop with Antarctica Class

To mark World Fairtrade Day fairandfunky hosted an interactive whole school assembly about Fairtrade before working with Year 4’s in a ‘What’s in Your Wallet’ Workshop.


All fairandfunky workshops encourage participants to look at the world around them and empower people of all ages with the knowledge that their actions can have a positive impact on the world around them; both locally and globally.  This workshop focussed on Fairtrade as a way in which each of us can take little steps to change the world.

Throughout the workshop the students were challenged to think about the people behind the products they use and buy every day.  Beginning with an ‘experiment’ all children were asked to complete a simple task. However, this wasn’t simple for everybody, as many didn’t have all the resources needed. “It’s not fair!” was heard around the classroom. Discussions followed around trading rules and how countries don’t have the same resources to compete in the global marketplace. How can we make this fair?

The children then considered the supply chain of chocolate: from bean to bar. The students listed 18 different roles along the supply chain: from cocoa farmers to advertising companies; from truck drivers to shop keepers. They discussed how it was possible to ensure every one along the supply chain was paid fairly for the work they did.  How can we make this fair?

Fairtrade guarantees a fair price is paid to farmers. It also pays an added premium to invest in community projects: to build new schools, improve water supplies, invest in school buses, training and education for farmers and their families and more. Buying a Fairtrade product means the lives of farmers and their communities can be improved, and each of us have the power to do just that. Buy Fairtrade and change lives. We can change the world when we shop. With this in mind the students each made a wallet from recycled packaging so that when they go shopping, they can use their wallet and think about the people behind the products as they shop.

“My favourite thing was making wallets, but I enjoyed all activites. Now I will always buy Fairtrade because I see how important it is.” Henry

“The workshop made me think about the environment as well as Fairtrade. Now I will recycle more.” Katie

“My favourite bit was making the purses. I learnt that small things make big differences. My purse will help me to remember to buy Fairtrade in a shop.” Libby

Congratulations to all the children from Antarctica Class for taking their own little steps to change the world in a fairandfunky workshop.



Animation Day with Linda Hodgson


On Friday 14th March local artist Linda Hodgson worked with a group of Year 5 and 6 boys to create a Superhero themed animation. 

The aim of the session was to encourgae the boys appreciation of The Arts.

The group planned a storyboard of ideas, made a model out of clay and animated their character using computer software.

The session covered many areas of the curriculum including Literacy, Maths and ICT.

Adam Y5

"I think that making the superhero was really good and I enjoyed doing it. I understand we had to do the planning at the beginning although my favourite bit was doing the filming and making the models."

Bradley Y5

"I enjoyed making a small movie it was fun and now I have got this skill."

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