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British Values News

Reports and photographs will be added here from events our children have taken part in.

Y6 Visit to Magistrates’ Court

On Friday 19th of May our class visited the Magistrates’ Court at Dewsbury Town Hall to take part in a mock trial. When we arrived we were given parts and were shown to our places. We talked about what the mock trial was about. Then the Usher asked everyone to stand because the Magistrates’ were leaving the room, to talk about what they needed to do. They were told they had to take in a lot of important information that would help them to see if the accused was guilty or not guilty. The Magistrates’ returned and the mock trial began. We had to take a lot of notes and listen carefully. It took a lot of debating, but we came to the decision that Peter White was guilty. Afterwards we went up into the viewing gallery and looked down at where we had sat, which made the court look very big. We all had a fun, exciting afternoon.

By Amelia, Y6


Y3 Linking Visit

Last Thursday our class had a visit from the Y3 children at Hyrstmount. First, we chatted to our partners, then we had a photograph taken together. After that we split into 2 groups. 1 group planted sunflower seeds and the other group created memory cards with their photographs. Then we swapped over. We had a picnic lunch in our classroom. After lunch we all walked down to Church. Richard, Margaret and Steve talked to us about the story of Jesus and showed us special things in the Church. We had an amazing day with our linking partners!

By Ava and Florence, Y3 

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